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New Pallets in Chicago, Ill

Pallet in Chicago

New Pallets in Chicago: We take great care and attention when building brand-new pallets with premium materials and components. They look good and will last for several journeys. We make sure that you are receiving superior performance results at the most convincing price possible thanks to our analytical skills. We make an effort to make sure that all pallet requirements satisfy current customer demands and add value to the business.

Our new Wooden Pallets are made in accordance with the strictest requirements for quality.
By retaining large amounts of timber purchased at low costs from managed, sustainable forests, we guarantee that cost savings are passed on to our clients.
Every effort is made to ensure that all pallet requirements satisfy current customer expectations while also enhancing the firm’s value.

New Pallets in Chicago

The Best Wooden Pallets in Chicago

Oak and pine are the two wood types that are most frequently used to make pallets. Given that pine is a softwood and oak is a hardwood, some people might be surprised by this.

Wood pallets offer an environmentally responsible alternative in light of the growing environmental concern over product shipping. Its manufacturing materials can be recycled or recovered from used pallets. Mulch, poster board, and paper can all be made from recycled pallets.

Due to its widespread availability and affordable price, pine lumber is frequently used in the production of pallets. Additionally, it generates a clean product, which is needed for a variety of industries including those in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Also available in abundance is furniture. Pine pallets are also used because they are lighter than hardwoods and improve the product's stability to weight ratio. Another crucial factor is that softwoods dry out more quickly, which decreases fungal, mold, and other insect infestation.

Government regulations, product dimensions, weight,  your specification and transportation circumstances are all taken into consideration. We are able to create bespoke items thanks to our extensive pallet network, deep level of knowledge, and ample financial resources.

Every element of your products, distribution, and logistics is considered in our one-of-a-kind designs. We use research findings to develop a pallet solution that completely satisfies your business's requirements. You'll receive exactly what you require from us.

To ensure that all of our new products meet the highest standards of quality, we only use the best materials and cutting-edge technology.

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Our major area of business is to provide suitable pallets based on cargo characteristics, design, storage needs, and transportation requirements. In order to ensure that your shipments or transportation are safe and arrive at their destination without breaking the bank, do the following. We create pallets that are made specifically for each customer.